FC Pirin sent an official letter to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Kiril Petkov with a copy to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ms. Teodora Genchovska, stating its intention to send its club bus to transport refugees from the war in Ukraine to Bulgaria and send humanitarian aid to the victims of war there.

The initiative is by the owner of FC Pirin, Mr. Paul Belogur, who is adamant that each country should help people suffering from Russia’s military invasion in Ukraine.

“I am absolutely aware of how difficult the situation in Ukraine is, as my employees from the IT sector live and work in the country, serving the media group I own – Vermont News & Media. From the stories of employees, I understand that in many places in the country, people are in dire need of food, water and medicine. Fear has gripped everyone, violence is everywhere. I call on the US government to abolish the visa regime for refugees from Ukraine in order to really help the people. “The situation is extremely difficult and I hope that we will all unite against this aggression, against the war and the suffering of the people,” Paul Belogur told Brattleboro Reformer. The newspaper is the third largest daily newspaper in the US state of Vermont (New England) and is part of the media group Vermont News & Media, owned by the President of Pirin, Mr. Belogur.

Pirin FC calls on all football clubs to follow this example and, in turn, send their club buses to transport refugees from the war in Ukraine and send humanitarian aid there.