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The management of FC Pirin defines the overall performance of the team up to this point as extremely unsatisfactory.

This is the reason why the club has taken a series of measures to achieve the main goal, placed before the team this season - preserving its elite status. As part of these measures, the attraction of new football players is accepted, but also the release from the previous composition of some of them.

In this regard, FC Pirin reports, that he will no longer rely on Nikolay Bodurov, Stanislav Kostov, Kitan Vasilev, Julian Popev and Emil Yanchev. We sincerely thank each of them and wish them health and future success!

The club expresses special thanks to captain Bodurov for his overall contribution and above all for this, that he was one of the pillars of the team, returned to the First League, as well as to Julian Popev and Stanislav Kostov, who with their hearts played over the years, left a lasting mark in the history of our team.

In the end, but not least, thank you for the support of our supporters.

We hope, that this support will continue in the future, and that together we will have more reasons for "green" joy.


Pirin with a second victory of the season

Pirin won with 3:1 his household of Spartacus (Varna) in a match of the 18th round of the First League, which was also the last for 2022 year. Radoslav Tsonev scored two goals in the 13th and 34th minutes, but Rodney Antwy scored and put it back “the falcons” in the match (38′). In the second half, however, Martin Smolenski put an end to the dispute (55′), shaping the final result as well. Thus, Pirin recorded his second success since the beginning of the season and the first under the leadership of Hristo Yanev.

Pirin started the match a little more aggressively and already in the 36th second Preslav Yordanov sent a weak shot at Dichevski's goal. However, the bad news for Hristo Yanev came in the 3rd minute, when Andrey Yordanov collided badly with a Spartak football player and experienced pain in the lower back.

In the 8th minute, Zdravko Dimitrov and Rodney Antui combined well, and the Bulgarian attempted a shot from the edge of the penalty area, who, however, went out.

In the 13th minute, Pirin got the right to execute a direct free kick from a rather comfortable position, after Preslav Yordanov was tripped in front of the penalty area a little earlier. Radoslav Tsonev took pride in the performance, who made a wonderful shot and left Ivan Dichevski helpless – 1:0.

In the next ten minutes, the match was equal. However, in the 24th minute, the guests could have equalized with one of their best chances. Mehmed Sabri crosses well from the right towards the box, and then the ball was deflected. So it came in handy for Zdravko Dimitrov, who, from the edge of the goalkeeper's field, sent the ball straight into the body of Pirin's goalkeeper.

In the 34th minute, substitute Vyacheslav Velev crossed from the right, Dichevski jumped, to kill, but the ball hit Radi Tsonev, who took on well and slotted the ball under the keeper's dive for 2:0.

In the 38th minute, Spartak returned to the match. A long pass from allowed Rodney Antwi to develop his speed from a tight angle to finish with a tight shot.

The second half started with Spartak pressing, which, however, did not lead to anything dangerous at Pirin's door. That's how it got to the 55th minute, when Vyacheslav Velev crossed on the ground from the right, Dichevski reached out and shot, but this time too, as with the second goal, the ball hit the feet of a Pirin player. Martin Smolenski was the player, who was in the right place at the right time and scored effortlessly on the empty goal – 3:1.

In the 60th minute, Bodurov headed in a cross from a corner, but unfortunately for him he sent the ball into the crossbar.

In the 68th minute, Pirin scored another goal, work of Preslav Yordanov, which was however canceled due to an ambush. 4 minutes later, Spartak also scored, but the goal was disallowed due to an ambush by Rodney Antwy.
With this win, Pirin moves up one place and overtakes Heber in 14th position due to a better goal difference. Both teams have an asset of 12 score, and the team from Pazardzhik has not yet played its match.

Pirin: 12. Maxim Kovalev, 38. Alexander Dyulgerov, 5. Nikolai Bodurov, 20. Chebrails Makreckis, 45. Christopher Hubchev, 73. Ventsislav Bengyuzov, 10. Slavcho Shokolarov (90+1-15.Lubomir Todorov), 17. Radoslav Tsonev, 18. Martin Smolensky (90+1 – 6. Julian Popev), 11. Andrey Yordanov (6-19.Vyacheslav Velev), 9. Preslav Yordanov (78-29.Stanislav Kostov).

Spartak: 21. Ivan Dichevski, 9. Mehmed Sabri, 19. Nikola Borisov, 25. Plamen Dimov, 6. Emmanuel Moura, 11. Victor Mitev, 30. Bozhidar Vasev, 77. Rumen Rumenov, 8. Ivaylo Klimentov, 47. Rodney Antoine, 33. Zdravko Dimitrov.


Tickets for the match with Spartak are on sale!

Dear supporters, FC Pirin is pleased to announce, that the tickets for the home match against Spartak (Varna) are for sale.

Come and support the Eagles in this extremely important match!

The game is on Friday, 11.11, from 17:30 no. at the "Hristo Botev" stadium. For your convenience, tickets for pensioners and children will be sold only at a specially designated box office at the stadium.

As this is the last home for our team in the First League for 2022 year, standard tickets for the match will be at the promotional price of 6 Levs. The price of tickets for pensioners and children remains 5 Levs. The price of the VIP ticket is 50 Levs. Away supporters will enter the stadium against 6 Levs.

Tickets for the meeting are on sale in our Fan Shop on Treti March Street, as well as online here:

Take a standard ticket here

Get a VIP ticket here

Tickets for the guest sector here

We are waiting for you at the stadium!

only Pirin!


Pirin conceded during his visit to CSKA 1948

Pirin lost his visit to CSKA 1948 from 1:2 in a match of the 17th round of the First League. Our team played with a man more, after Angel Lyaskov from “the reds” was sent off with a straight red card in the 20th minute. Vencislav Benguyuzov opened the scoring, tapping the ball home from a corner kick in the 28th minute. In the 33rd minute, Bengyuzov left the field after an ankle injury. By the end of the half, Pirin had a second chance to sign, but Stanislav Kostov fired over the goal from a comfortable position.

Ivaylo Chochev equalized in the 55th minute with his 14th goal in the championship. In the 82nd minute, the reserve Enrique Rafael brought the turn for “the reds”.

In Friday, 11 November, from 17:30 no. Pirin welcomes Spartak (Varna) in their last Premier League match of the calendar year.

CSKA 1948 2:1 Pirin (Blagoevgrad)
0:1 Ventsislav Bengyuzov (28), 1:1 Ivaylo Chochev (55), 2:1 Enrique Rafael (82)

CSKA 1948: 29. Naumov, 22. Daskalov, 87. Petrov, 24. Marin, 4. Lyaskov, 18. Chochev, 58. Octavio, 6. Ohene, 10. Rusev, 7. Topuzov, 25. Serdyuk.

Pirin: 12. Kovalev, 38. Дюлгеров, 11. Jordanov (81-7.Vasilev), 73. Bengyuzov (33-18.Smolensk), 26. Tasev (46-8.Emil Yanchev), 5. Bodurov, 17. Tsonev, 10. Shokolarov, 29. Kostov, 45. Hubchev, 20. Makretskis.


Before our visit to CSKA 1948


On Saturday, 5 November, from 15:00 no. Pirin visits CSKA 1948 at the stadium in Bistrica in a match from the 17th round of the First League. The price of tickets for the guest sector is 10 Levs. A ticket can be purchased here


In the last round, the Eagles ended in a draw 0:0 in his household of Lokomotiv (Pd), which was also a debut for our new head coach Hristo Yanev. CSKA 1948 also recorded zero draws, but when Levski visited the Georgi Asparuhov Stadium. Pirin is in the penultimate position in the ranking with an asset of 9 score, while our upcoming opponent is third with an asset of 32 score.


The first match of the season between the two teams at the Hristo Botev Stadium ended in a draw 1:1, after Preslav Yordanov opened the scoring for our team in the 5th minute, and Ivaylo Chochev equalized for the visitors in the 5th minute of added time from a penalty.


Pirin's head coach Hristo Yanev shared his expectations for the upcoming match with www.fcpirin.com

"I'm happy with the way, which the team practices during the week. We have multiple staffing issues. You know about Petar Zanev's injuries, Yanko Georgiev and Preslav Yordanov, who were forcibly replaced in our last game. Krasimir Stanoev is also missing, he continues to heal trauma. The participation of Vyacheslav Velev remains questionable. But this is the situation and we have to take it into account and find the best option. In the group, as in the previous match, there will be young players again. Of course, that they have their place in the team, but they have to earn it, struggling and toiling daily. I would like to see from my team the same desire to play and perform, as in the match against Lokomotiv. Desire and self-giving are always the basis of a good performance.
Of course, that CSKA 1948 is a very quality team, with quality players and a coach. This shows their performance and place in the rankings. consider, that we always have our chances for a good result, there is no way I can think otherwise. If only this always happened, which everyone expects, football would not be such an interesting and unpredictable game", Janev said.


Alexander Dyulgerov and Ventsislav Benguzov are expected to return to the group after serving their punishment.
Last season in the First League, the Eagles won at home against this opponent with 4:1 and gave way as guests with 0:1.


Zero draw in Hristo Yanev's debut

Pirin and Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) finished 0:0 in a match of the 16th round of the First League, which was a debut for the new coach of our team – Hristo Yanev. At the end of the match, the experienced defender Petar Zanev received a blow to the head and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The reviews showed, that he had a concussion, and currently his condition is stable. Match number 200 Slavcho Shokolarov scored in the First League, who started in the starting lineup.

The first interesting situation in the match came in the seventh minute. Andrey Yordanov broke away on the left wing, after which he was brought down in the penalty area. “The eaglets” had claims for a penalty, but turned out, that the attacking player of the home team was in an ambush position.

Already in the 16th minute, our team made a forced substitution, after Preslav Yordanov left due to a calf injury. Stanislav Kostov appeared on the field in his place.

In the 31st minute, the starting goalkeeper Yanko Georgiev was forcibly replaced, because of a knee injury. Maksym Kovalev will enter the game, who made his debut in the First League.

At the end of the first part “eaglets” they made a mistake. Stanislav Kostov was brought out alone against Dinko Horkas. However, the experienced shooter let the ball pass the goal.

In the 61st minute, Giovanni made a great shot from a free kick., but the home goalkeeper Maksim Kovalev cleared with his fingertips, after which the ball also touched the crossbar, to go into a corner. Seconds later, the guard had to intervene decisively again. Alexander Vassilev made a treacherous kick on the ground, but Kovalev did wonderfully.

In the 77th minute, Radoslav Tsonev made an excellent cross from a corner on the second post, where Nikolay Bodurov was left uncovered. The captain took a header, but Dinko Horkas handled the situation.

In the 92nd minute, Maxim Kovalev distinguished himself once again with a save. The visitors took a corner, from which a stir was produced, and Todor Pavlov refused, but the guard kept his net dry. This was the last interesting situation in the clash.

In this way, Pirin collected an asset of 9 score, which leaves them in 15th place in the provisional standings.


Pirin (Blagoevgrad): 21. Yanko Georgiev (31-12.Maxim Kovalev), 5. Nikolai Bodurov (to), 45. Christopher Hubchev, 3. Petar Zanev(88-7.Kitan Vasilev), 20. Chebrails Makretskis, 10. Slavcho Shokolarov, 18. Martin Smolensky (88-8.Emil Yanchev), 17. Radoslav Tsonev, 26. Ivan Tasev, 11. Andrey Yordanov, 9. Preslav Yordanov (16-29.Stanislav Kostov)

locomotive (Plovdiv): 23. Dinko Khorkash, 50. Yosyp Tomashevich, 91. Ryan Bidunga, 3. Luan, 13. Matthaus, 15. Pierre Zebli, 10. Giovanni, 14. Dimitar Iliev (To), 7. Babacar Dion. 99. Preslav Borukov, 9. Birsent Karagaren


All about the Loco match (Pd)


In Friday, 28 October, in 16:15 no. Pirin meets Lokomotiv (Pd) in a match of the 16th round of the First League. Tickets for the meeting are priced from 10 leva for standard, 5 BGN for children and pensioners, 50 leva for VIP. Tickets for away supporters are priced from 10 Levs. For the upcoming match, the combined tickets from the match with Septemvri are valid.


After the loss with 1:4 against September in the last round, Pirin is in the penultimate position in the ranking with an asset of 8 score.

The upcoming match will be the debut for the new coach of the Eagles, Hristo Yanev, which was officially unveiled on Wednesday.

Yanev will not be able to count on the suspended Vencislav Benguzov and Alexander Dyulgerov, but also to Krasimir Stanoev, who is recovering from an injury. Your participation number 200 midfielder Slavcho Shokolarov can enter the elite.

Volen Chinkov will be the main arbitrator, and Stanimir Trenchev will be responsible for VAR.


The guests are in the 4th position in the standings, only two points from the third place and are with 9 beat, 2 equality and 3 defeats since the start of the season. The Plovdiv "railway players" recorded three victories in their last five matches, and in the last round they ended in a draw 1:1 during Levski's visit .


In the first match of the season, Pirin conceded to this opponent with 1:2. The team from Plovdiv won the last four matches against our team in the First League. The Eagles' last win against this opponent was on 09.09.2017 g. from 5:0. Stanislav Kostov then scored two goals, and Andy Renya adds one each, Aymen Souda and Petar Hristov.


Hristo Yanev: “I'd rather fight for something, ...

At an official press conference at the Hristo Botev Stadium, Hristo Yanev was presented to the media as Pirin's senior coach. The event was also attended by President Stanislav Manolev, who welcomed Janev to the post.

“I know Hristo Yanev and I am sure, that this is the right person for the job. I wish him success and I hope so, that we will soon get out of the difficult situation”, Manolev said.

"The situation is like this, as it is, I have accepted it and I know what I am getting into. I'd rather fight something, which at first glance seems difficult. I need to get to know this locker room first, to understand the essence of the problems and their roots, so I can deal with them. There are two days, in which to prepare the team for the match, which is ahead of us with Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) and I want to work in an environment, which gives us pleasure. I sincerely believe that, which i do, in working with boys. We need to adapt to each other as quickly as possible", Janev said.

"I have to adapt to the environment and the situation, that have led to this moment. We know the results and that is why I am here before you. We have to reckon with a rival, with the people in the locker room, we have several punishments, injured and a dressing room, lost self-confidence and self-confidence. I have a lot of work, but I can't finish it myself, and with my team. Thanks for the warm welcome, but we must get to work", said Pirin's new coach, who will debut in charge of the team on Friday, 28 October, from 16:15 no. in the match against Lokomotiv (Pd).


Hristo Yanev is the new coach of Pirin

Hristo Yanev is the new head coach of Pirin. He replaces Krasimir Petrov, who last week parted ways with the club by mutual consent.

The new mentor of “eaglets” will be officially presented at a press conference, which will be held in a stadium “Hristo Botev” on Wednesday, 26.10, from 10:00 no.

Until that moment, the 43-year-old coach led the CSKA teams (Sofia), Neftochimik (Burgas) and Miner (Pernik).

Like a football player, the former national player wears the teams of CSKA (Sofia), Beroe (Stara Zagora), Olympic (Teteven), French Grenoble, Litex (Lovech), the Greek Panetholikos and Slavia.

The management of FC Pirin wishes success to Hristo Yanev!

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