Pirin achieved valuable success against one of his direct competitors in the fight for survival in the First League. “The eaglets” prevailed at home over Heber s 2:0 in a match of the 23rd round of the home championship.

The hosts were more active for most of the match and deservedly congratulated themselves with the three points. Both goals came after the break. Daniil Kondrakov opened the scoring in the 67th minute, a 120 seconds later, Boris Tyutyukov doubled his team's lead.

The victory is the second in a row for Hristo Yanev's team, after a week ago Pirin beat Ludogorets in Razgrad v 1:0. With her, our team broke away 7 points from last in the standings Spartak (Varna).


1:0 Daniil Kondrakov (67), 2:0 Boris Tyutyukov (69)

PIRIN: 21. Yanko Georgiev, 38. Alexander Dyulgerov (To) (84-10.Slavcho Shokolarov), 11. Andrey Yordanov, 73. Ventsislav Bengyuzov, 19. Vyacheslav Velev, 14. Daniil Kondrakov, 26. Ivan Tasev (66-24.Boris Tyutyukov), 17. Ilker Budinov (74-8.Dmytro Semeniv), 9. Preslav Yordanov (84-29.Martin Bachev), 72. Ryan Senhaji, 20. Chebrail Makretskis;

HEBER: 1. Peter Deberliev (To), 5. Martin Mikhailov, 28. Osira Cornell, 3. Bogomil Bojurkin, 27. Robert Mazan, 15. Kamen Hadjiev, 55. Georgi Valchev, 8. Alex Serrano, 98. Georgi Turtov, 97. Vincent Marcel, 17. Arsenio Walport.