“Dear fans, citizens of Blagoevgrad, esteemed leaders, coaches and staff, during the past 3 years together we traveled a successful path.

Together we achieved our most important goal. We returned Pirin there, where he belongs - in the First League, among the best.
For the second year in a row, we are among the elite of Bulgarian football. I am extremely pleased, that I was able to help the team in any way.

I have always given my heart and soul to my favorite team. Many improvements were made. The grandstand was repaired, changed and added seats, a major renovation was carried out in the administrative building, an electronic board was provided. The changing rooms were renovated, the spare benches were replaced, a new bus was purchased, a new fence was installed at the stadium.

It's hard to list everything, done for the better future and success of our team, of the Blagoevgrad team.
Personally, it cost me a lot of effort to develop this project, as football is not my strong suit, but I was driven by love and passion for Pirin and gave him everything in my power, I did my best during these 3 years.
I want to let you know, that the time has come, in which this difficult, but a successful path for me as the owner of the club has ended.
I continue my work on my main businesses
in Australia and the USA.
I will donate all my shares to Blagoevgrad Municipality absolutely free of charge. I believe, that this is what is best for the club. The city and the Municipality turned out to be our most reliable partner.
This has become a fact especially in recent years 18 months, since Ilko Stoyanov has been mayor. He is the man, who constantly supported us and did everything, for the beloved FC Pirin to go forward. And I am convinced, that the mayor will find a way for the club to continue to develop and compete with the best teams in Bulgaria. Blagoevgrad should be proud, that there is a mayor like Ilko, who has dedicated his life to the city and its people.

I will continue my relationship with Blagoevgrad and the club. I own a TV station in this beautiful city – Bulgarian Broadcasting Group BBG. I will be one of the advertisers of
Pirin. This way I will show the other people with business here, that it is an honor and a privilege to continue to support a century-old team, which produced great footballers.
This is the place to thank so many people, who were sympathetic to Pirin's mission through these 3 years. Thanks to the loyal fans, i am one of them. I always felt their support, their love and their dedication to my favorite team. It was no accident that they were the ones, who organized the club's 100th anniversary celebration.
Thanks to all the leaders, contestants – past and present, coaches and staff, who also worked hard for the success of this club.

I thank the Municipality of Blagoevgrad and Mayor Ilko Stoyanov for the extended hand”.

Paul Belogur