The management of FC Pirin defines the overall performance of the team up to this point as extremely unsatisfactory.

This is the reason why the club has taken a series of measures to achieve the main goal, placed before the team this season - preserving its elite status. As part of these measures, the attraction of new football players is accepted, but also the release from the previous composition of some of them.

In this regard, FC Pirin reports, that he will no longer rely on Nikolay Bodurov, Stanislav Kostov, Kitan Vasilev, Julian Popev and Emil Yanchev. We sincerely thank each of them and wish them health and future success!

The club expresses special thanks to captain Bodurov for his overall contribution and above all for this, that he was one of the pillars of the team, returned to the First League, as well as to Julian Popev and Stanislav Kostov, who with their hearts played over the years, left a lasting mark in the history of our team.

In the end, but not least, thank you for the support of our supporters.

We hope, that this support will continue in the future, and that together we will have more reasons for "green" joy.