Pirin gave way to Lokomotiv (Sofia) in a match of the 11th round of the First League, which took place in a stadium “Hristo Botev” in Blagoevgrad. The only goal fell in the middle of the first part and was the work of the Brazilian Alan, after Mitkov shoots hard from a foul on the ground, and the ball kicked by Yanko Georgiev ended up right at the goalscorer's feet.

The second half started evenly, and in the 53rd minute Stanoev tried a shot from a long distance, but after a ricochet, the guard of the guests did not have any difficulty and caught it. Stanislav Kostov tried to surprise Alexander Lyubenov with a long shot in the 62nd minute, but the ball went out, and shortly after, Antonio Vutov scored from a direct free kick in the 68th minute, but the ball went wide of the left side post of Georgiev's goal.

At the end of the match, Pirin stormed to find the equalizer, but he never managed to organize anything dangerous in front of Lyubenov, except for one strong long shot, who walked past the door.
After the break for the national teams, Pirin visited CSKA-Sofia.


0:1 Alan (27)

PIRIN (4-1-4-1): 21. Georgiev, 19. Velev, 5. Bodurov, 38. Дюлгеров, 45. Hubchev, 20. Makretskis (63-18. Smolensk), 31. Stanoev, 17. Tsonev, 26. Tasev (76-23.Takahashi), 73. Bengyuzov (76-10.Shokolarov), 29. Kostov (63-9.P. Jordanov)
Head coach: To. Petrov

LOKO SF (3-4-1-2): 24. Lyubenov, 33. Alan, 13. Raposo, 21. Hadjiev, 22. Naydenov, 8. Slavchev, 26. Milošev, 44. Katsarov, 39. Vutov, 11. France, 45. Mitkov

Head coach: FROM. Genchev

JUDGE: Vladimir Valkov

STADIUM: “Hristo Botev”