Pirin won with 4:1 the control with Marek, which took place at the "Hristo Botev" stadium. The club thanks the guests for this, that they responded to the invitation, despite the short response time.
New signing Dimitar Tonev made an unofficial debut for the Eagles, which appeared in the second half.


In the 14th minute, Martin Smolenski shot, but the visiting keeper made a save. In the 26th minute, Ivan Tasev perfectly turned the flank of the attack to Dmytro Semeniv, who found Krasimir Stanoev with a low pass and the captain's shot deflected into the body of the visitors' defender Rumen Sandev, to hit the net. Two minutes later, Stanoev shot hard, heading the ball under the bar, but goalkeeper Kostadinov saved with an acrobatic dive. A minute later, Hristofor Hubchev headed in a cross from the right. In the 38th minute, Boris Tyutyukov shot on the diagonal, but the porter saved.
In the 40th minute, Martin Smolenski shot from the front against the goal, but right into the keeper's hands.
A minute before the end of the half, Ivan Tasev was brought into a good position, but his shot hit the crossbar.


In the 54th minute, Martin Bachev's shot went wide. In the 58th minute, Vladimir Medved took the ball against the goal and scored for 2:0 with a lovely right footed shot into the top corner. In the 72nd minute, Dobromir Pancherevski reduced the difference in the score with a low diagonal shot, after being brought out against the goalkeeper Kirev. In the 78th minute, the result was done 3:1 with a goal by Lyubomir Todorov, who tapped the ball into the goal from close range. In the 85th minute, Ilker Budinov cut in from the right and sent the ball into the goal with a low diagonal shot for 4:1. In the 89th minute, Dimitar Tonev shot dangerously on the ground, but the keeper kicked for a corner. In the 90th, Alexander Dyulgerov headed in a header, but failed to register.

Composition of Pirin: 21.Yanko Georgiev (46-1.Mario Kirev), 20.Chebrails Makretskis (46-17.Ilker Budinov), 29.Martin Bachev (78-6.Vergil Yanev), 45.Christopher Hubchev (46-38.Alexander Dyulgerov), 11.Andrey Yordanov, 31.Krassimir Stanoev (46-19.Vyacheslav Velev), 73. Ventsislav Bengyuzov (20-10.Slavcho Shokolarov), 18.Martin Smolensky (13.Dimitar Tonev), 8.Dmytro Semenov (46-7.Vladimir Medved), 26.Ivan Tasev (46-15.Lubomir Todorov), 23.Boris Tyutyukov (46-16.Marcel Bibishkov).