Pirin won with 3:1 his household of Spartacus (Varna) in a match of the 18th round of the First League, which was also the last for 2022 year. Radoslav Tsonev scored two goals in the 13th and 34th minutes, but Rodney Antwy scored and put it back “the falcons” in the match (38′). In the second half, however, Martin Smolenski put an end to the dispute (55′), shaping the final result as well. Thus, Pirin recorded his second success since the beginning of the season and the first under the leadership of Hristo Yanev.

Pirin started the match a little more aggressively and already in the 36th second Preslav Yordanov sent a weak shot at Dichevski's goal. However, the bad news for Hristo Yanev came in the 3rd minute, when Andrey Yordanov collided badly with a Spartak football player and experienced pain in the lower back.

In the 8th minute, Zdravko Dimitrov and Rodney Antui combined well, and the Bulgarian attempted a shot from the edge of the penalty area, who, however, went out.

In the 13th minute, Pirin got the right to execute a direct free kick from a rather comfortable position, after Preslav Yordanov was tripped in front of the penalty area a little earlier. Radoslav Tsonev took pride in the performance, who made a wonderful shot and left Ivan Dichevski helpless – 1:0.

In the next ten minutes, the match was equal. However, in the 24th minute, the guests could have equalized with one of their best chances. Mehmed Sabri crosses well from the right towards the box, and then the ball was deflected. So it came in handy for Zdravko Dimitrov, who, from the edge of the goalkeeper's field, sent the ball straight into the body of Pirin's goalkeeper.

In the 34th minute, substitute Vyacheslav Velev crossed from the right, Dichevski jumped, to kill, but the ball hit Radi Tsonev, who took on well and slotted the ball under the keeper's dive for 2:0.

In the 38th minute, Spartak returned to the match. A long pass from allowed Rodney Antwi to develop his speed from a tight angle to finish with a tight shot.

The second half started with Spartak pressing, which, however, did not lead to anything dangerous at Pirin's door. That's how it got to the 55th minute, when Vyacheslav Velev crossed on the ground from the right, Dichevski reached out and shot, but this time too, as with the second goal, the ball hit the feet of a Pirin player. Martin Smolenski was the player, who was in the right place at the right time and scored effortlessly on the empty goal – 3:1.

In the 60th minute, Bodurov headed in a cross from a corner, but unfortunately for him he sent the ball into the crossbar.

In the 68th minute, Pirin scored another goal, work of Preslav Yordanov, which was however canceled due to an ambush. 4 minutes later, Spartak also scored, but the goal was disallowed due to an ambush by Rodney Antwy.
With this win, Pirin moves up one place and overtakes Heber in 14th position due to a better goal difference. Both teams have an asset of 12 score, and the team from Pazardzhik has not yet played its match.

Pirin: 12. Maxim Kovalev, 38. Alexander Dyulgerov, 5. Nikolai Bodurov, 20. Chebrails Makreckis, 45. Christopher Hubchev, 73. Ventsislav Bengyuzov, 10. Slavcho Shokolarov (90+1-15.Lubomir Todorov), 17. Radoslav Tsonev, 18. Martin Smolensky (90+1 – 6. Julian Popev), 11. Andrey Yordanov (6-19.Vyacheslav Velev), 9. Preslav Yordanov (78-29.Stanislav Kostov).

Spartak: 21. Ivan Dichevski, 9. Mehmed Sabri, 19. Nikola Borisov, 25. Plamen Dimov, 6. Emmanuel Moura, 11. Victor Mitev, 30. Bozhidar Vasev, 77. Rumen Rumenov, 8. Ivaylo Klimentov, 47. Rodney Antoine, 33. Zdravko Dimitrov.