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контролни срещи 2022 control matches 2022
ФК Пирин Благоевград
ПФК Спартак Варна
Spartak Vn

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контролни срещи 2022 control matches 2022
02-07-2022 19:00
ФК Пирин Благоевград


The school is increasing its coaching staff

DYUSh of Pirin increases its coaching staff for the new season.

Velko Georgiev and Iliya Hristov join the Pirin school, as well as the experienced coach Vasil Petrov.

The fitness coach Blagoy Kalpachki is also returning to the club, who takes the place of the departed Anton Ivanov.

From this season the Pirin Academy has a new set - born 2012 year, for which a date for admission of children will be announced in the coming days.

DYUS coaching staff for the new season
Pirin U19 - 2004/2005 g.
Head coach - Manol Zanev
Assistant coach - Iliya Hristov
Fitness coach - Blagoy Kalpachki
Goalkeeping coach : Miroslav Mitev

Pirin U17 - 2006/2007 g.
Head coach - Dimitar Nakov
Assistant coach - Iliya Hristov
Fitness coach - Nikolay Parvanov
Goalkeeping coach : Mario Kirev

Pirin U16 - 2007 g.
Head coach - Dimitar Koemdzhiev
Assistant coach - Venelin Tovirov
Fitness coach - Blagoy Kalpachki
Goalkeeping coach : Strahil Petrov

Pirin U15 - 2008 g.
Head coach - Radoslav Bachev
Assistant coaches - Anton Kostadinov and Julian Popev
Fitness coach - Borislav Ganchev
Goalkeeping coach : Miroslav Mitev

Pirin U14 - 2009 g.
Head coach - Anton Kostadinov
Assistant coach - Alexander Tsarevski
Fitness coach - Borislav Ganchev
Goalkeeping coach : Strahil Petrov

Pirin U13 - 2010 g.
Coaches - Georgi Zabunov and Alexander Tsarevski
Fitness coach - Nikolay Parvanov and Blagoy Kalpachki
Goalkeeping coach : Miroslav Mitev

Pirin U12 - 2011 g.
Coaches - Velko Georgiev and Marian Neshov
Fitness coaches - Nikola Kartselski and Nikolay Parvanov
Goalkeeping coach : Mario Kirev

Pirin U11 - 2012 g.
Coaches - Vasil Petrov and Stanislav Atanasov
Fitness coaches - Borislav Ganchev and Nikolay Parvanov
Goalkeeping coach : Strahil Petrov

Pirin U15(assembly group) – 2008/2009 g.
Head coach - Venelin Tovirov
Fitness coach - Nikola Kartselski
Goalkeeping coach : Strahil Petrov


FC Pirin offers a meeting to update the contract ...

In the following lines, we would like to draw the attention of the football community to one of the most important issues, relating to the activities of each professional club in Bulgaria – the question, related to the television rights contract.

It is beyond any doubt, that in the face of NOVA BROADCASTING GROUP the professional clubs have an excellent partner, which presents the product Bulgarian football at a high level. In the last few years, progress has been made in terms of the quality of the broadcasting of the meetings. The same goes for studio programs and specialized shows, dedicated to professional football in Bulgaria. We appreciate all this as an investment in the future of this product and we are happy, that the overall concept and vision of NOVA BROADCASTING GROUP, bring the native viewer closer to the European standards in the television coverage of football matches.

While, as a result of objective factors, difficult processes are taking place in the national and world economy, which have a strong impact on the budgets of professional clubs, and this will inevitably sooner or later affect the quality of the product Bulgarian football.

In this regard, we propose to convene a joint meeting between all stakeholders as soon as possible - BFU, PFL, the professional clubs in Bulgaria and the management of NOVA BROADCASTING GROUP. At the meeting in question, we propose to discuss options for updating this contract for television and advertising rights..

We state the main reasons for our request for revision and update of the TV rights contract:

– The economic crisis and the constantly rising inflation and their impact on the financial condition of professional clubs.

– The change in the legislation of the Bulgarian Football Union, which led to an increase in the number of teams in professional football and in particular those, participating in the First League championship. This leads to a change in the program of the championship and the number of matches, which each team must play.

– The obvious progress, which our common product demonstrates, as well as the relentless interest in it by the television audience. Logically, this should also lead to an update of the contract with a focus on improving conditions for clubs.

we are aware, that in the creation and offering of the product Bulgarian football, in addition to professional clubs, two other countries are key players – The Bulgarian Football Union, who administers and organizes the championship and NEW BROADCASTING GROUP – holder of television rights. That is why we insist on holding a working meeting, on which to discuss possible solutions together, related to the revision of the television rights agreement.

To date, representatives of seven football clubs from the First League have responded positively to the proposal for a working meeting., but we are convinced, that such a discussion is in the interest of all other clubs and we expect them to join us.

With respect:

FC Pirin (Blagoevgrad)


Pirin ended in a draw with Spartak

Pirin and Spartak (Varna) finished 0:0 in a control meeting, held at Hristo Botev Stadium in Blagoevgrad.

The meeting was broadcast live on the club's official YouTube channel.

The two teams played a strong match, as Pirin had a game advantage most of the time.

The best position for a goal was opened in front of Stanislav Kostov, who hit the crossbar in the first half.

On Saturday, 2 July, Pirin welcomes Belasitsa (Petrich) in his last friendly meeting from the summer training.

Pirin: Yanko Georgiev (46-Maxim Kovalev), Julian Popev (63-Vasil Hristov), Ilian Kostov (31-Yuki Aizo – 64 Vyacheslav Velev), Alexander Dyulgerov, Petar Zanev, Kazuki Takahashi (63-Emil Yanchev), Krassimir Stanoev (82-Valeri Hristov), Kaloyan Todorov (62-Daniel Ivanov), Stanislav Kostov, Preslav Yordanov, Kitan Vasilev (80-Hristian Dimitrov).



Rank Team Pl pts
1 ПФК Септември СофияSeptemvri 0 0
2 ПФК Спартак ВарнаSpartak Vn 0 0
3 БероеBeroe 0 0
4 Ботев ВрацаBotev Vratsa 0 0
5 Ботев ПловдивBotev Plovdiv 0 0
6 Левски СофияLevski Sofia 0 0
7 Локомотив 1926 ПловдивLokomotiv Plovdiv 0 0
8 Локомотив 1929 СофияLokomotiv Sofia 0 0
9 Лудогорец 1945Ludogorets 0 0
10 Славия 1913Slavia 0 0
11 ФК Арда Кърджали 1924Arda 0 0
12 ФК Пирин БлагоевградPirin 0 0
13 ФК Хебър ПазарджикHebar 0 0
14 ЦСКА СофияCSKA Sofia 0 0
15 ЦСКА 1948CSKA 1948 0 0
16 Черно мореBlack Sea 0 0
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ФК Пирин Благоевград
ПФК Спартак Варна
Spartak Vn
Levski Sofia
Левски София
ФК Пирин Благоевград
ФК Пирин Благоевград
ЦСКА 1948
CSKA 1948
ФК Пирин Благоевград
ПФК Септември София

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