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First League 2022-2023
ФК Пирин Благоевград
ПФК Спартак Варна
Spartak Vn

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First League 2022-2023
Славия 1913
ФК Пирин Благоевград


Pirin defeated Botev (Vratsa) in control

Pirin defeated Botev (Vratsa) from 2:0 in a control meeting, played at the "Hristo Botev" stadium in Blagoevgrad. Ukrainian striker Danilo Kondrakov made an unofficial debut for the Eagles. In the second half, the recovered from injury Preslav Yordanov returned to the game. Tyutyukov and Medved were accurate for the Eagles, with both goals coming in the second half.


In the 5th minute, Ivan Tasev shot, the ball ricocheted off the body of a Botev defender and went into the corner. Brian Mendoza headed in two minutes later, but he did not find the door.
In the 16th minute, Ivan Tasev turned the flank of the attack to Ilker Budinov, who sends a dangerous low ball into the penalty area, but Vrachani defender Kavdanski intervened and cleared a corner kick. Four minutes later, Clary Serber crossed and Perea headed home, but Yanko Georgiev caught. In the 25th minute, Krasimir Todorov shot at the goal, but the shot went wide.


In the 54th minute, the result was revealed. Ivan Tasev breaks through and shoots at the goal, the guard of the guests Kostov stopped, but with the addition, Boris Tyutyutkov sent the ball into the net. Three minutes later Makretskis advanced with a dribble and found Semeniv, who missed alone against the goalkeeper.

In the 61st minute, Stefan Gavrilov shot past Kovalov's goal. In the 69th minute, Krasimir Stanoev shot from a direct free kick, but the ball fell into the goalkeeper's hands. In the 69th minute, Ilker Budinov made a breakthrough from the right and shot, but the porter saved.

In the 75th minute, Preslav Yordanov headed home, but the ball went out.
Three minutes before the end, Budinov broke through from the right and shot, the visitors' goalkeeper stopped, but the investigator of the attack, Vladimir Medved, was accurate with the addition.

Composition of Pirin: 21.I. Georgiev (46-12.M. Kovalev), 17.Budinov, 38. BUT. Дюлгеров (to) (76-25.I. Kostov), 19. IN. Velev, 11. BUT. Jordanov (46-45.H. Hubchev), 31. To. Stanoev (84-15.L. Todorov), 13. D. Tonev (46-10.S. Shokolarov), 20. Ch. Makretskis (64.29.M. Bachev), 26. Pl. Tasev (55-7.V. Medved), 8. D. Semeniv (71-9.P. Jordanov), 77. D. Kondrakov (46.23 B. Tyutyukov).


Pirin will play control with Botev (Vratsa)

Tomorrow, 28.01, from 13:45 no. Pirin will play another friendly match from the preparatory period. The opponent will again be Botev's team (Vratsa), and the venue of the meeting depends on weather conditions and will be announced tomorrow morning on the club's official channels.


Vasil Hristov transferred to Turin

The youth of Pirin Vasil Hristov moved to the Italian Serie A team Torino. The deal includes a loan until the end of the current season with an option to buy. The attacking midfielder will join the youth formation of the "bulls" until 19 years (etc. primavera).

FC Pirin expresses special thanks for the efforts made in the implementation of the transaction to the football agents Petyo Kostadinov and Tsvetan Tasev and to their partners in Italy.

Torino is a seven-time champion of Italy, five times winner of the country's cup and is one of the most popular teams in the Apennines.

17-the annual attacking midfielder made his debut for the Eagles in League One in the final round of last season, when he entered as a reserve in the match against Botev (Vratsa), and a few minutes later he managed to sign off.

The transfer of Hristov to a team of the rank of Torino is another proof of the excellent interaction between the School and the representative team, and reminds of the long-standing tradition, related to the imposition and development of young footballers, which Pirin will continue to follow in the future.
We wish Vasil Hristov good health and success!



Rank Team Pl pts
1 ЦСКА СофияCSKA Sofia 18 44
2 Лудогорец 1945Ludogorets 18 43
3 ЦСКА 1948CSKA 1948 18 36
4 Локомотив 1926 ПловдивLokomotiv Plovdiv 18 33
5 Славия 1913Slavia 18 32
6 Левски СофияLevski Sofia 18 30
7 Черно мореBlack Sea 18 29
8 Локомотив 1929 СофияLokomotiv Sofia 18 26
9 ФК Арда Кърджали 1924Arda 18 26
10 Ботев ПловдивBotev Plovdiv 18 19
11 БероеBeroe 18 19
12 ПФК Септември СофияSeptemvri 18 15
13 Ботев ВрацаBotev Vratsa 18 15
14 ФК Пирин БлагоевградPirin 18 12
15 ФК Хебър ПазарджикHebar 18 12
16 ПФК Спартак ВарнаSpartak Vn 18 8
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ФК Пирин Благоевград
ПФК Спартак Варна
Spartak Vn
CSKA 1948
ЦСКА 1948
ФК Пирин Благоевград
28-10-2022 16:15
ФК Пирин Благоевград
Локомотив 1926 Пловдив
Lokomotiv Plovdiv
24-10-2022 17:30
ФК Пирин Благоевград
ПФК Септември София
15-10-2022 17:00
Botev Plovdiv
Ботев Пловдив
ФК Пирин Благоевград
07-10-2022 20:00
ФК Пирин Благоевград
CSKA Sofia
ЦСКА София
ФК Пирин Благоевград
17-09-2022 15:15
ФК Пирин Благоевград
Локомотив 1929 София
Lokomotiv Sofia
12-09-2022 17:30
ФК Арда Кърджали 1924
ФК Пирин Благоевград
02-09-2022 18:15
ФК Пирин Благоевград
Ботев Враца
Botev Vratsa

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