Pirin won with 2:1 Botev as a guest (Vratsa) in the opening match of the 22nd round of the First League. Goals for the first success since the resumption of the championship came from Danilo Polonsky and Jugo Komano in each of the two halves, and the reserve Ndiaye signed for Botev in the 88th minute. “The eaglets” played with a man less than the 42nd minute, when Aymen Souda was sent off with a second yellow card. So Pirin, who is 14th already has a lead of 6 ranking points ahead of today's opponent.

The match started evenly with no chances in the first minutes. In the 10th Aymen Souda tried his luck from distance, but Rubio made the catch without a problem. In the 18th minute, Ivan Tasev brought Danilo Polonsky alone against the goalkeeper. The striker pushed the ball past the Vracani goalkeeper, but she got out.

10 minutes later, the Eagles missed the goal again. Asen Donchev crossed from the right and found Jugo Komano, who headed in from close range. Only a good intervention by Rubio prevented the goal.

In the following corner, however, the logical thing happened and Pirin took the lead. A short corner kick allowed Aymen Souda to cross to the penalty spot. There, Danilo Polonsky intercepted from the air and although he did not deliver the strongest blow, he was enough, to entangle the ball in Botev's net (Vratsa) – 0:1. It was the first goal in Polonsky's professional career.

In the 37th minute, Andrey Yordanov shot hard from a distance on the diagonal, but the goalkeeper of the hosts again showed his class and saved.

Shortly after, Ivan Tasev was brought to a good position, but hit the side post from close range.

In the 41st minute, Aymen Souda received an excessive second yellow card, for a "foul" against Marko Majuga in midfield.

The score remained unchanged until the end of the half.

At the beginning of the second half, goalkeeper Kovalev made a great double save, to leave the result 1:0 for the benefit of our team.

In the 69th minute, Arno Luzaidio made a great break from the right and passed low on the grass in the penalty area, where Yugo Komano was not wrong, to make the result 2:0 in favor of our team with his 4th Premier League goal of the season.

In the next round, our team visits Arda in Kardzhali, and before that, the quarter-final for the Bulgarian Cup against Heber in Pazardzhik is coming up.

Botev (Vr): 34. Federico Rubio, 7. Ilker Budinov (46-23.Brian Mendoza), 10. Spas Georgiev (46-9.Daniel Genov), 13. Martin Achkov (62-8.Serbian), 14. Marko Mazuga (72-15. Miroslav Marinov), 18. Diogo Barbosa, 19. Brian Perea, 20. Martin Hristov, 21. Bubacar Traore, 28. Eduardo Kunde, 77. Stefan Velev (72-11.Ndiaye);

Pirin: 12. Maxim Kovalev, 7. Asen Donchev, 5. Nikolai Bodurov (62-8.Lazar Boyanov), 38. Alexander Dyulgerov, 6. Andrey Yordanov, 4. Job (63-73.Ventsislav Bengyuzov), 83. Hristo Popadiin(90+2 13.Evgeni Georgiev), 11. Ivan Tasev (62-27.Georgi Varbanov), 10. Aymen Suda, 19. Yugo Komano, 14. Danilo Polonsky (56-18.Arno Luziadio).

Chief Justice: Christian Kolev

Assistants: Svetoslav Enchev, Ivan Kopchev