Pirin defeated Botev (Vratsa) from 2:1 in a friendly match at the "Hristo Botev" stadium in Blagoevgrad. The goals for the Eagles were scored by Krasimir Stanoev from a penalty and Boris Tyutyukov, and among their hits, Miroslav Marinov was accurate for Vrachani.


Captain Krasimir Stanoev opened the scoring from a penalty in the 17th minute. The penalty kick was reached after a mistake by the visitors' defender Luis Soares, who lost the ball in front of his penalty area under pressure from Vladimir Medved, and then goalkeeper Kostov was forced to commit a foul against Medved.

In the 22nd minute, the guests from Vratsa reached the first goal position, after Stefan Gavrilov shot head-on against the goal, but guard Kovalev saved. Seconds later, Messi Biatumusoka fired in from close range, but Kovalev beat him in the corner.

In the 27th minute, Krasimir Stanoev shot over the goal, catching a nice pass from the right. Four minutes later, Boris Tyutyukov deflected a cross from Bengyuzov's corner, but Kostov caught without problems.

In the 42nd minute, Ivan Tasev found Martin Smolenski with a nice ball, but his shot went over the goal.
A minute before the end of the half, Miroslav Marinov from the visitors shot centrally towards the goal and the ball went under Kovalev's dive for 1:1.


At halftime, goalkeeper Yanko Georgiev and defender Alexander Dyulgerov appeared in the game, who donned the captain's armband.

In the 49th minute, Pirin scored a second goal after a wonderful four-way combination. Vencislav Benguyuzov found Tasev, he filed for Smolensky, who in turn deflected for Tyutyukov in the penalty area and the striker scored with a left-footed shot into the opposite corner.

In the 53rd minute, Ventsislav Benguyuzov took a direct free kick well, but the ball hit the side post.

In the 78th minute, Ilker Budinov broke through from the right and shot diagonally, but the visitors' goalkeeper saved.

The slightly injured Preslav Yordanov and Chebrailes Makretskis remained out of the squad for today's control, as well as cold sufferers Ilian Kostov and Dmytro Semenov. The Dutch defender Sander Van Looy joined the game, who is driving a trial period.

PIRIN: 12. Kovalev (46-21.Georgiev), Velev (57-77. Van Loy) , 17.Budinov, 45.Hubchev (70-29.M. Bachev), 11.A. Jordanov (46-38.Дюлгеров), 73.Bengyuzov(60-10.Shokolarov), 31.Stanoev, 18. Smolensk, 7.Bear (60-16.Bibishkov), 26.Tasev (70-15.L. Todorov), 23.Tyutyukov.