Pirin finished 0:0 at the visit of Slavia in a match of the 27th round of the First League. Thus, the "eagles" recorded their 6th game in a row without a loss and are now in 13th place in the standings – at a point in front of the 14th Locomotive (Sofia), which is a game less.

Guard Maxim Kovalev demonstrated his class on several occasions and made excellent saves. Thus, quite deservedly, he was chosen for “Player of the match” by television viewers of the meeting. Once, the crossbar stopped the home team after Ivaylo Markov's header.

In the 3rd minute, Jugo Comano took advantage of a mistake by the goalkeeper Vutsov, who dropped the ball after Jelenkovic's return. The battering ram of “eaglets” I'm not, but as he set himself up to shoot from a tight angle into the empty net, a defender in white clears in a corner.

Three saves followed by Kovalev, who deflected Nikolov's blows, Sorakov and Stoev.

In the 35th minute, Yordanov made a dangerous shot at the home team's goal, but Vutsov dived and deflected. The guard of “bleach” intervened appropriately once more, when in the 39th minute he caught Diane's shot from 17-18 m.

Ten minutes after the break, Slavia was close to opening the score. Markov headed a cross from a corner and sent the ball into the right side post. Seconds later, Stoev shot from twenty meters and made it difficult for Kovalev, who, however, once again intervened qualitatively and knocked out.

In the 63rd minute, Kovalov made another save after Minchev's pass and Nikolov's header. It was followed by a cross from the corner and Markov's kick in the out.

In the closing seconds of the meeting before “bleach” another good scoring chance opened up, but the reserve Galin Ivanov shot over the goal from 16-17 m.

On Sunday, 7 April, from 20.15 no. Pirin welcomes the champion Ludogorets in a match of the 28th club of the First League.

SLAVIA: 21. Вуцов, 3. Tombak, 5. Jelenkovich, 55. Markov, 37. Kerchev, 19. Nguyen, 71. Stoyanov, 73. Minchev, 8. Stoev, 9. Sorakov, 10. Nikolov

PIRIN: 12. Kovalev, 6. Jordanov, 18. Luzayadio, 7. Donchev (90+3-20.It happened), 73. Bengyuzov (88-13.E. Georgiev), 28. Jagodinskis (46-4.Job), 14. Polonsky (68-27.Varbanov), 77. Diane, 5. Bodurov, 83. Popadian, 19. Komano